Need a canopy for your wedding huppah frame? has you covered.

Wedding chuppah canopy buy

Are you looking for a canopy for your wedding huppah frame? Do you have huppah poles and need a canopy to complete the look? has got you covered.

You can now buy custom-made wedding huppah canopies from directly from their website.

The canopies are available in silk or bridal satin depending on the size of canopy you need.

Buy Silk Huppah Canopy Huppahs comSelect from several standard sizes, or, if you need a size that’s not listed, contact about a custom order. You’ll find contact information on’s Custom Huppah Canopies page.

Get all the details at


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9 Tips for Fabulous City Hall Weddings

Are you thinking about getting married at city hall? Here are some top tips for making it happen:

1. Start with the Marriage License: Take the plunge by checking out the marriage license requirements for the city hall where you’d like to get married. You’ll probably find that there will be a window of time in which you can get married after applying for a license, with a waiting period of a few days after you apply and a date when the license expires.

2. Make a Reservation: Some days and times, like Friday afternoons and the days before holidays, are especially popular for city hall weddings, and the clerk’s office can get crowded. You don’t want to get shut out on your chosen day. If you can, reserve a day and time for the ceremony.

3. Checklist: Check with the city clerk’s office well in advance of the ceremony to find out what you’ll need to bring on the day. At a minimum expect to need the marriage license, personal identification, and the ceremony fee.

4. Bring a Witness: Bring a witness to sign the marriage certificate. Make sure they bring personal identification and anything else the clerk requires.

5. Have Fun with Your Clothing Choices: Getting married at city hall gives you license to wear a wider range of styles than might be appropriate in a house of worship, so have fun thinking over your options. You can keep it ultra-traditional, of course, or something not at all associated with traditional wedding attire. Check out Marilyn Monroe’s chic traveling suit.

6. Add Special Touches: A bouquet of flowers and a boutonniere add that special wedding day feeling. Do flowers seem too formal? Treat yourself to a new tie or a chic little handbag to carry on the day.

7. Bring a Photographer: You’ll want photos of the day. Your friends and family will want to see photos of the day. If you’re not George Harrison and Patti Boyd being followed by a pack of paparazzi (sorry, no sound in the video above), you’ll need to arrange for your own photographer. Hire a professional or tap a friend with serious Instagram-worthy photo talent.

Simplicity Huppah Tiny8. Raise Your Huppah: Just because you’re getting married at city hall doesn’t mean you can’t get married under a huppah. Just choose a style that travels well, like this handheld Simplicity Huppah.

9. Celebrate: Even if you’re not planning a big traditional reception, make a plan to celebrate, whether it’s dinner at a favorite restaurant, a picnic in the park, or a weekend getaway. How about drinks and hors d’oeuvres with a small group of friends and family at your apartment? Check out How to Throw a Wedding with Very Little Space or Cash.

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The color of your wedding chuppah canopy can affect the look of your wedding photos

Colored light falls on the columned walls of an ancient building
If your wedding chuppah canopy is translucent and lets light through, then the color of the canopy can affect the color of the light that falls onto the wedding couple, much like a stained-glass window. An all-white canopy won’t affect the color of the lighting, but a translucent canopy with a lot of blue in it, for example, can create a slight blue cast on the wedding couple as well as the officiant and anyone else standing under the canopy. A pink canopy will lend the scene a hue of pink.

Wedding chuppah canopies made from light fabrics like silk or satin typically allow light to shine through onto the wedding couple below. More light shines through outdoors in the bright sunshine than indoors.

A good wedding photographer can take into account any effects of the color of your huppah canopy, and they can correct the color of the images during processing and printing, but you can help your photographer by telling them ahead of time if your canopy has a lot of color other than white.

The effect of the canopy color on the wedding scene isn’t an issue with heavy-weight, opaque canopies that don’t let light through. For example, heavily structured huppahs of the style typically available through synagogues often have canopies made from thick velvet lined with a second layer of fabric. You won’t get light shining through these canopies. Similarly, quilted canopies with a layer of padding between two layers of fabric also typically will not let light through.

In any event, it’s not a bad idea to tell your photographer about the huppah style you’re planning, and give them a chance to ask any questions they feel are necessary, so that they have all the information they need to produce the best images of your wedding ceremony.

And if you’re looking for a white or ivory chuppah canopy, you’ll find several options to rent or buy at

[Image: Português: Reflexo da luz de fim de tarde através das janelas da Sé de Lisboa (2011) by Espanhola via Wikimedia Commons]

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How long should the ribbon decorations for a wedding chuppah be?

Jewish wedding New York park ivory silk chuppah

Hoffman Huppah RibbonsRibbons are a great, colorful option for decorating a huppah, and they work especially well for hand-held huppahs. Match the color of your canopy with white, ivory, or other color ribbon; add accents in a mix of your wedding colors; or add a profusion of colored ribbons to create a bright mix.

You can use the ribbons alone by themselves or add other elements, like flowers, greenery, or as client Natalie did, tassels that make a statement.

In determining how long the ribbons should be, keep in mind that you want the ribbons to accent the huppah and the faces of wedding couple, so keep them shorter than half the height of the poles.

How to decorate a wedding chuppah with ribbons and tasselsTo add a just punch of color to accent the canopy, use ribbons that are two to three feet long, so that when they are tied to the poles at their middle they hang down a foot or foot and a half.

For a flowing affect, cut them to a length of six to seven feet so that when you tie them to the poles at their middle they fall three to three and a half feet.

Huppah-decorated-with-ribbonsAnd here’s another tip: Tie the ribbons to the poles so that the two ends of the ribbon are at least an inch different in length. This will make them more likely to flow a bit with a breeze than if the ends match up exactly.

How wide should the ribbons be? A good range to work with is 7/8″ to 1 ¼”.

You can find a range of ribbons at on the Buy Ribbons page.


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A tip to save on your wedding bar tab…

watermelon wedding punch

Summer Bliss Wedding Punch. Source: (Photographer: Jason Weil)

Here’s a quick wedding planning tip that can save you some money on your drink costs, and it applies to all kinds of events. You already know that serving punch as your main alcoholic beverage can save you big bucks over laying out for a fully stocked bar. You can save even more –and help your guests before they head home—by reducing the amount of alcohol in the punch in the second half, or at least the last hour, of the reception.

One punch worth considering: Vintage Champagne Wedding Punch Recipe

And an and alcohol-free punch: Vintage Wedding Punch Recipe (Non-Alcoholic)


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What kind of wine do you need for a Jewish wedding ceremony, and where do you get it?

During a Jewish wedding ceremony, the couple sips from a cup of wine after the introductory blessings and again during the recitation of the seven blessings. But does it matter what kind of wine? When we surveyed a group of wedding rabbis for their advice to couples getting married, the most popular response was to make sure that the wine under the huppah is kosher.

It can be red, white, or rose, but it should be kosher, unless your officiant tells you it’s not an issue for them.

How to Know Whether a Wine is Kosher

Kosher wines are produced under the supervision of a rabbi and in accordance with Jewish laws. The wine bottle’s label will indicate if the wine is kosher, and your wine purveyor can help you find kosher varietals.

If your local wine shop carries kosher wines, finding something suitable for the huppah ceremony will be easy. If not, however, or if you’d like something different than your local shop’s selection, you’ll have to do a bit more legwork. But with all the great kosher vintages available today, this is one wedding task that you can make a point of enjoying.

Find Kosher Wines Online

Today you can find great kosher vintages from around the world, not just from Israel but also places like Chile, Italy, Australia, and California. If you’re looking for some direction, Jewish Week publishes an annual list of the best kosher wines.

And if there are no kosher wines in your area, you can order kosher varietals online from a number of sellers. Here are just a few of the many online options:

Find Kosher Wines Locally

During the spring, in the weeks leading up to Passover, many wine shops and Jewish organizations will have wine tasting events. Officially, these events are for choosing wines for the Passover table, but they’re also a great opportunity to sample a range of wines for your wedding.

Kedem kosher winery new yorkDo you live in travel distance of a kosher winery? Why not make a day trip to try its offerings? And here I’m going to give a shout out to my local kosher winery, Kedem, in New York’s Mid-Hudson Valley. Their tasting room carries not only their own label, but wines from around the world.

And if you try out enough varietals before the wedding, you might even be able to use the bottles for centerpieces.

wine bottle candle holder tablescape

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Get inspired by this Aspen wedding chuppah with a mountain view

Floral designer Frances Harjeet shows how to take a birch branch frame to the next level with a silk canopy and profusion of flowers and greenery. From our sister site, Sew Jewish.

Sew Jewish

Silk chuppah canopy with white flowers

The open skies and vast mountain ranges of Aspen provide a breathtaking backdrop for this romantic wedding chuppah created by floral designer and event stylist Frances Harjeet.

Harjeet, whose firm Prema is based in Colorado, is known for her lush, romantic floral designs and impeccable styling. Her creations often emphasize our connection to nature.

For this chuppah, she paired a birch branch frame with a silk canopy from Sew Jewish and added a profusion of white blooms and cascading greenery.

Harjeet designed the florals for this wedding, and the wedding planner was Aspen-based Bluebird Productions. The photographer was Lucky Malone Photography.

Sending out a big thank you to Frances Harjeet for sharing these beautiful images.

Aspen Colorado wedding chuppah

[Images: Floral stylist: Frances Harjeet | Wedding Planner: Bluebird Productions | Photographer: Lucky Malone Photography]

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Why a Jewish bride wears a veil – It might not be the reason you’ve heard

Jewish couple on their wedding day
Popular lore says that the reason a Jewish bride traditionally wears a veil relates to the Bible story of Jacob’s wedding to Leah. That’s not quite right, although to explain the real reason, it’s a story worth telling: Jacob intended to marry a woman named Rachel. He worked for seven years for her father to earn the privilege. But Rachel had an older sister, Leah, who the father wanted to marry off first. So Leah stood in her sister’s place during the wedding ceremony, wearing a heavy veil over her face to hide her identity. Jacob didn’t realize the deception until the next morning. In the end he married his first love, Rachel, as well, but he had to work for her father another seven years.

The real reason the Jewish bride wears a veil derives from the moment Jacob’s parents, Rebecca and Isaac met: when Rebecca saw Isaac for the first time she covered herself with a veil.

Today, when the groom lowers the bride’s veil over her face before the huppah ceremony, he recites the words that Rebecca’s mother and brother said to her when she left to make her life with Isaac:

In Hebrew: Achotenu: At hayi le alfei revavah

In English: “Our sister, be thou the mother of thousands of ten thousands.” (Genesis 24:60)

What do the Jewish bride and groom wear?

[Image: Unidentified couple on their wedding day; Vienna, Austria. Martha Werner Collection, Leo Baeck Institute via Wikimedia Commons]

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How to incorporate a hand-held huppah into the wedding procession

Under the Chuppa at Jewish wedding from the Jewish Encyclopedia (1901-1906)
Choosing a hand-held huppah for your wedding is a wonderful way to honor four special people with the role of huppah-bearer. But how do you incorporate the huppah into the procession?

In Medieval times, when the huppah first entered Jewish wedding tradition, the huppah bearers met the bride at her home and escorted her to the site of the ceremony holding the canopy over her head. That’s not practical for most couples today.

For modern weddings, there are two main ways to incorporate the huppah into the beginning of the ceremony.

The first way is for the huppah bearers to bring the huppah into the ceremony space before the procession officially begins, either carrying the huppah down the center aisle or entering from a room to the side of the ceremony space. The appearance of the huppah sets the stage for the beginning of the ceremony, letting your guests know that the wedding is about to begin.

The second option is to let the huppah bearers lead the procession, entering as the music begins and walking down the aisle slightly ahead of the wedding party. They don’t need to walk apart from each other and keep the huppah fully open. Rather, they can walk a comfortable distance apart from each other, as the width of the aisle allows. Then, as they reach the ceremony space and take their places, the huppah canopy opens to its full size, creating a dramatic moment to open the ceremony.

When the wedding ceremony is over, the huppah bearers remain until the couple, wedding party, and officiant have left the space. Then, they can follow the wedding party back down the aisle.

See’s hand-held huppahs.

[Image: Under the Chuppa at Jewish Wedding from Jewish Encyclopedia (1901-1906) via Wikimedia Commons]

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Making your own wedding huppah? Here’s your head start

silk wedding huppah canopy
Are you thinking about making your own wedding huppah but aren’t sure where to start? Do you have a design in mind but don’t know how to sew? Sew Jewish can give you a head start with a plain white canopy you can personalize with silk paints, embroidery, applique, and any number of creative techniques.

Consider it a blank white canvas waiting for you to personalize and make uniquely your own.

The canopies are available in two fabrics: silk and bridal satin. The silk version is or five and half feet square. The satin version comes in a variety of sizes from six feet to seven and a half feet square.

What huppah design are you dreaming of? Silk painted pomegranates? Embroidered roses? Appliqued letters spelling out an inspiring verse? How about a bohemian-inspired tie-dyed huppah canopy? Of course, you can also use the canopy in it’s elegant white simplicity. The options are endless, and you already have a head start.

Take a look at the silk huppah canopy and the canopy in bridal satin.

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How tall should a wedding huppah be? It might depend on your venue.

Bed and Breakfast South Yarmouth Bass River Historic District
When couples ask how tall a wedding huppah should be, they’re usually asking about how large a typical huppah is or how tall it should be to accommodate everyone that will stand under it. Generally, you need to take into account the height of the couple and the officiant and also allow for some draping of fabric in the middle of the canopy. And add some extra space above everyone’s heads to create a feeling of openness.

But there’s one constraint that’s easy to overlook: the height of the ceiling in your wedding venue. If you’re holding your ceremony outdoors, the sky’s the limit. If you’ll be in a hotel ballroom or the sanctuary of a large synagogue, there’s also probably no practical limit on the height of your huppah.

For a smaller space, however, it’s a good idea to check on the height of the ceiling. Country inns often have low ceilings, as do cruise ships, and intimate restaurants. If you’re planning an outdoor ceremony and have an alternate indoor space in case of bad weather, give a thought to the height of the ceiling in the indoor space.

If you’ll be using a small indoor space and aren’t sure of the height of the ceiling, it’s a good idea to ask your venue or your wedding planner to check.

For these smaller spaces, offers huppah poles that are 7.5 feet tall as an alternative to our standard 8-foot poles. See the huppah poles on the website.

Find out about huppah and huppah pole rentals at

[Image: South Yarmouth/Bass River Historic District by Jerry Johnson via Wikimedia Commons]

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If you’re thinking about wedding DIY, start with the veil

how to make drop veil
Your eyes are like doves’ behind your veil. (Song of Songs 4:1)

how to sew lace to wedding veilThe veil is so important in a traditional Jewish wedding that it has its own ceremony, the bedeken, before the huppah ceremony, when the groom lowers the veil over the bride’s face. If you’re thinking of doing any wedding DIY, start with the veil. A simple, classic drop veil is easy to make by machine or by hand, and after the wedding you’ll have an especially personal keepsake.

The drop veil offers versatile style options just by altering its length. Let it fall just to your shoulders, or to your elbow, fingertips, or the floor.

wedding DIY projectsYou’ll find instructions for making a drop veil personalized to you and your style in the book Sew Jewish. And you’ll find 17 more sewing projects as well, including a kippah (yarmulke) and a wedding huppah as well as projects for Jewish holidays and your home, making it a great collection for your wedding and beyond.

Sew Jewish is available in paperback from and PDF format instant download on Etsy.

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Our most popular wedding huppah is now available with a larger canopy

Rent simple wedding huppah

The original Simplicity Huppah size that made this option so popular. is excited to announce that our most popular huppah, the Simplicity Huppah, is now available with a larger canopy. Until now, the huppah has been available with canopy of 60”x60”. Now it’s also available with a canopy size of 68”x68”, providing an additional seven square feet of floor space under the canopy.

This option is so new that we don’t yet have a photo of the larger size on the website – the photo at the top shows the standard size that made this huppah so popular.

The Simplicity Huppah is made with a sophisticated low-luster bridal satin in a substantial weight fabric for excellent drape.

The canopy’s elegant simplicity has made this huppah a favored choice for all wedding venues, from five star hotels to country inns, synagogues, and city parks.

If you have your own huppah poles or huppah frame, both canopy sizes can be rented without poles. You can get more details about this option on the website at Rent Wedding Huppah Canopy.

For more information about renting this huppah, in either the standard or new, larger size visit the website at Simplicity Wedding Huppah.

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The Latest Royal Engagement Upends 2017’s List of Top 10 Blog Posts

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s engagement announcement at the end of November totally upended our list of top ten blog posts for 2017. For the first eleven months of the year, the most sought-after posts were those that answered basic questions about planning a Jewish wedding, like “What do the Jewish bride and groom wear,” and “How tall should the huppah poles be?” But since Harry and Kate made their intentions official four weeks ago, posts referencing Buckingham Palace receptions and the wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton shot up out of the background to take half of the top spots.

Couples planning weddings appear to be googling for royal inspiration for wedding dresses and wedding menus, in particular. And while we don’t yet have many details from Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s upcoming wedding, we can look to Will and Kate for inspiration.

As we look back at’s all-time collection of blog posts, these ten claimed the top spots for popularity in 2017:

10. Your Own Royal Canape Reception: Kosher-fied Menu and Recipes – On the morning of William and Kate’s wedding, Queen Elizabeth threw them a canape reception. Over the following two weeks we posted recipes for kosher versions of nine of the canapes, including such tasty tidbits as poached asparagus spears and smoked haddock fishcakes. This post links to them all.

9. The Jewish Wedding Ceremony, Step by Step – Starting with the bride’s reception and the groom’s table, through the huppah ceremony, and finishing with yichud, this post lays out the parts of a traditional Jewish wedding ceremony.

8. DIY wedding dress in Grace Kelly style from Vogue Patterns – Kate Middleton’s wedding dress drew comparisons to Grace Kelly. This post links to sewing patterns for wedding dresses with silhouettes and details inspired by the iconic dresses of these two brides.

7. 5 Tips for Creating an Inviting Wedding Pie Dessert Buffet – A down-home outlier among the royal posts, this dessert option started trending several years ago and continues to charm.

6. Wedding Menu Fit for Royalty (You!) – A master class from Buckingham Palace on how to feed a crowd.

5. Wedding DIY: How to Decorate a Table with Garland – A collaborative post of and FiftyFlowers.

Buckingham Palace Beefeaters4. Wedding Recipe: Garlic-Herb Crusted Beef Roast for a Crowd (Meat) – A British classic for your own wedding menu.

3. How tall should the huppah (chuppah) poles be? – The answer to this perennially popular question.

2. What do the Jewish bride and groom wear? – Why it’s all about white.

1. Recipe: Roasted Rosemary Potatoes with Garlic for 50 (Parve) – As the most popular menu item from the Buckingham Palace dinner reception menu, the humble potato takes the top spot among blog posts, in the form of a practical and flavorful selection for your own wedding menu.

I’m already looking forward to finding out about the wedding trends that Prince Harry and Meghan Markle will inspire in 2018.

[Photos: Official Buckingham Palace engagement photos of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle by photographer Alexi Lubomirski.]

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Join us Sunday for a Facebook live event about chuppahs

All about chuppahs
Have questions about the chuppah, Jewish wedding canopy, at weddings? Join Rabbi Jillian Cameron of InterfaithFamily/Boston and me, Maria Bywater of, LIVE as we chat about everything you didn’t think you needed to know about the wedding canopy – chuppah! From logistics to artistry to incorporating interfaith family members in the process and everything in between, come with questions or just to listen.

This Sunday, October 29, 11:30AM EST on the Facebook page.

Add it to your calendar, and join us!

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Finding Your Huppah

Interfaith Family Wedding Chuppay
Planning a Jewish or interfaith wedding? I share personal tips for finding a huppah that fits you and your wedding style in my guest post now on Interfaith Family’s Wedding Blog: Chuppah: Your First “Home”.

[Image: Screengrab of the blog post at]

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Get Inspired by this Outdoor Wedding Tablescape from Top Chef

Planning an outdoor wedding reception? For a tablescape that celebrates the outdoors while delivering major style, take this Top Chef table for inspiration. It’s built on a sophisticated layering of color, pattern, and texture:

  • Tablecloth with a large leafy botanical print.
  • Wide table runner in a natural hue with unfinished and slightly frayed edges (You could DIY this with a length of plain weave natural fabric, like hemp)
  • Rafia placemats.
  • Dark amber water glasses.
  • Sideways glass vases holding pink flowers to give the setting a modern lift.

This screenshot, by the way, is from Top Chef’s 14th season, in South Carolina, at an estate that housed the restaurant and home of Edna Lewis, a luminary of traditional Southern cooking.

Maria BywaterMaria Bywater is the designer behind and author of Sew Jewish: The 18 Projects You Need for Jewish Holidays, Weddings, Bar/Bat Mitzvah Celebrations, and Home.

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New: Silk Wedding Huppah Canopy at Sew Jewish

silk huppah canopy
In addition to the huppahs available to rent at, I’m excited to let you know that we are now offering huppah canopies for sale through our sister site, Sew Jewish.

These silk canopies are dyeable, which means that you can dye them, use silk paint on them, applique, embroider, stencil — use lots of different techniques to make them personal and unique.

Find all the details at Sew Jewish: Silk Huppah Canopy.

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This new shipment of silk is going to become an exciting new offering at

silk chuppah

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September 2, 2016 · 1:01 pm

Drop Veils – A Classic Is New Again

Sew JewishThe drop veil. A classic. Expresses many moods, depending on the length. Pair it with a tiara or a garland of wildflowers. Or wear it on its own. It’s easy to make your own, tailored to fit you and your style. Find instructions in Sew Jewish, available on

Make your own drop veil. It’s one of 18 projects in Sew Jewish, available on

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How to Make Your Own Huppah and More Jewish Sewing Projects

SJ Paperback Etsy Featured ImageCheck it out: Instructions for making your own version of’s most popular huppah style, Simplicity, can be found in the book Sew Jewish: The 18 Projects You Need for Jewish Holidays, Weddings, Bar/Bat Mitzvah Celebrations and Home. The book is by the designer behind Find it on

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