My Favorite Wedding Planning Tip: The Gift of a Rockin’ Reception

This is my favorite wedding planning tip, the main thing that made my wedding — as my husband’s big extended family said — the wedding of our generation: Ask ten people to promise to get right up and start dancing as soon as the music starts. Nothing else raises the fun and energy of the party as quickly and effectively.

Four people is not enough. Eight might not even be enough; if a few of them are out of the room when the music starts, you won’t have critical mass on the dance floor. Make it ten. That’s enough to set the pace and make everyone else feel safe to get out there too.

Ask them in the days before the wedding, and remind them the day before that you’re counting on them.

You’ll thank them for the new cappuccino machine, but you’ll really appreciate them for the gift of a rockin’ reception.


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