Stylish Long Tablescapes on a Budget #3: Create a Display of Pre-Set Food

Long tables are increasingly popular, but the cost of filling them with decorations is not. You don’t need to fill the entire space along the middle of the table to create a stylish look. All this week I’ll be posting tips to create a stylish long tablescape on a budget.

wedding table decor bread sticks

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Vegetable basket wedding table decor

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DIY chocolate truffle wedding dessert

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Create a Display of Pre-set Food

family style catering weddings

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Whether you are serving a sit-down meal or a buffet, you can pre-set some of the food on the table and make an artful display of it. Some of the foods that lend themselves to creative displays are assortments of breads accompanied by ramekins of herbed butter, salad platters with dressings, and chocolates. When you set out some of the food on the table, not only does the food serve double-duty as decor, everyone will spend less time standing on the buffet line.

Consider serving the entire meal family style, a quirky micro-trend in the wedding industry that I think will become more popular over the next few years, especially for small, intimate weddings. As the term family-style suggests, all the food is set out in serving bowls and platters on the table and guests pass the food and serve themselves. Of course, when people are seated at long tables, you will need a number of dishes of each type of food, set out along the length of the table.

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  3. Voila Catering does many, many family style dinners for groups of 30 to 200. There is detailed information at and many photos and sample menus. Voila Catering is in Portland Oregon is able to serve events within and 90 mile radius becasuse all the food is cooked on site in full size commercial convection ovens to achieve restaurant quality food.

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