Stylish Long Tablescapes on a Budget #6: Alternate Moderately-Priced and Inexpensive Decorations

Long tables are increasingly popular, but the cost of filling them with decorations is not. You don’t need to fill the entire space along the middle of the table to create a stylish look. All this week I’ll be posting tips to create a stylish long tablescape on a budget.

Alternate moderately-priced flowers with inexpensive elements

turquoise and orange wedding decorations


The key to making this approach visually interesting is to vary the heights of the different types of elements you use. For example, if you use small flower arrangements, make the other element tall, like candlesticks or bread sticks standing in tall containers. If the flower arrangements are tall or moderately-sized, alternate them with single blossoms or greens in low containers, small votive candles, or other small elements. The difference in height doesn’t need to be dramatic, but it should be notable.
Take a look at these examples of a turquoise and orange table setting, at left, and the light blue table scape below.
Light blue wedding long tablescape


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