Our 100 Favorite Backyard Wedding Themes

This is a big day for Backyard Huppah, and we’re sharing the joy – We’re celebrating our 100th blog post with a list of our 100 favorite backyard wedding themes and a few of the details that bring them to life!


  1. Plumosa Greens Garland Source Fiftyflowers-com

    Garland on the stairs.

    Classic Style: Flowers in urn-shaped vases, tightly manicured hedges, monograms.
  2. Chocolate: Chocolate liqueur, beef with chocolate and chili mole, chocolate mousse.
  3. Brunch: Mimosas, savory quiches, a jazz trio.
  4. Cocktail Party: Cityscapes, signature drinks, stilettos.
  5. Childhood Home: Garlands on the stairs, rolled up rugs, dressing for your wedding in the room where you grew up.
  6. Community: Long tables, young and old sharing the dance floor, making a charitable donation in honor of your guests instead of giving favors.
  7. Spheres: Spherical vases, bourbon balls pre-set on the tables, paper lanterns.
  8. Champagne and Cake Reception: Clinking glasses, heart-felt toasts, butter cream frosting.
  9. Surprise Wedding: Invitations that throw everyone off the scent, informalwear, a champagne toast to announce the wedding ceremony.
  10. Afternoon Tea: Lace huppah, herbed sandwiches, tiered serving platters.
  11. Vintage: Birdcage veil, bias-cut satin, champagne punch.
  12. Simple Elegance: White huppah canopy, a gown with simple lines, understated floral arrangements.
  13. Pot-Luck: Gathering around the huppah, buffet table overflowing with everyone’s best festive dishes, the heart-felt support of family and friends.
  14. Nights in Morocco: Hamsa, gold thread embroidery, a bridal crown.
  15. family style catering weddings

    Family-style meal service; Source: Family Style Catering, Portland, Oregon (www.familystylecatering.com)

    Family: Family members holding your huppah poles, a family slideshow, family-style meal service.
  16. Dancing: A dance floor, a DJ, friends you can count on to get the party started when the first song hits.
  17. Dessert Reception: Tiered serving plates, passed champagne, chocolate.
  18. Hors d’Oeuvres Reception: Savory hors d’oeuvres, carefully chosen wine, cocktail attire.
  19. Candy: Pastel colors, candy buffet, candy favors.
  20. Country Romance: Lace huppah, wooden tables, sweet tea.
  21. Lakeside Wedding: Raising the huppah by the lake, the wedding dress catching the breeze, The sun -or moon- reflected in the water.
  22. Roses: Rose petals strewn in the aisle, rose water, heaping bouquets of roses.
  23. The Big Tree in the Backyard: Huppah under the tree, tree leaf decorating motif, taking turns on the swing.
  24. Paper: Wrapping paper table runners, paper lanterns, paper flower centerpieces.
  25. Mini: Mini quiches, mini cupcakes, petite roses.
  26. Just Close Family and Friends: Handwritten invitations, shared memories, homemade wedding cake.
  27. Candles: A hundred borrowed candlesticks, candle favors, an internal glow.
  28. Yair Emanuel kiddush cup

    Yair Emanuel kiddush cup

    Jewish Artisanal Style: Hand calligraphed ketubah (wedding contract), Yaer Emanuel design kiddush cup, klezmer band.
  29. Sparkle: Beaded lace, champagne bubbles, a bride’s beaming face.
  30. Fiesta: Vibrant colors, Mexican peasant dresses for the bridesmaids, large paper flowers.
  31. How We Met: Food and centerpieces based on the place where you met, the natural conversation starter: “So, how did you two meet?”
  32. Fairy Tale Wedding: Pink roses, a tiara, silk satin.
  33. Passion Romance: Red roses, chocolate covered strawberries, passionfruit sorbet.
  34. Farm: Bushel baskets, tall grass, reception in the barn.
  35. Italian Feast: Italian wines, antipasto, cannoli, tiramisu, gelato, cassata, amaretti, pizzelles, panna cotta, limoncello semifreddo, zabaglione, mascarpone frosting…

  36. Wholesale Flowers at FiftyFlowers.comSpring Greens: Spring green satin pumps, spring green orchids, salad of mixed spring greens.
  37. Pinks: Mixed flower bouquets, strawberry punch, a blushing bride.
  38. Gingham: Bouquets wrapped in gingham ribbon, gingham tablecloths, favor boxes topped with gingham bows.
  39. Flowering Trees: Huppah by the trees, flowering branch centerpieces, flower petals dusting the ground.
  40. Berries: A mix of purples, raspberry kir, berries on the wedding cake.
  41. Tulle: Tulle details on the wedding dress, bouquets tied with tulle ribbon, candy favors tied up in tulle.
  42. Victoriana: Posy bridal bouquet, sugared violets, flower arrangements filled to overflowing.
  43. Sweet Romance: Shoulder length veil, petite bridal bouquet, stolen kisses.
  44. Tulips: Tulip bridal bouquet, tulip centerpieces, tulip-skirted flower girl dresses.
  45. Lag B’Omer (A Jewish holiday between Passover and Shavuot): Flowering branches, laughter, young love.
  46. Lilacs: Purples, lilac table bouquets, the sweet heady lilac scent.
  47. Daisies: Yellow and white, daisy bouquets, “…she loves me, she loves me not, she loves me, she loves me not, she loves me!

  48. pennant banner by Lilybella

    Pennant Banner by Lilybella

    Carnival: Pennant banners, caramel popcorn, ring toss.
  49. Garden Party: Layers of stripes and chintz, small full flower arrangements, ladies in hats.
  50. Barbecue: Sweet-smelling smoke, micro-brewed beer, wetnaps.
  51. Picnic: Gingham tablecloths, fried chicken, potato salad.
  52. Tropical: Citrus colors, cool drinks, mango ice cream.
  53. Southern Charm: Mint juleps, magnolias, photos on the veranda.
  54. Cottage garden: Garden tours, a leisurely meal, herb garden menu.
  55. Stripes: Striped ties, widely striped tablecloths, huppah poles wrapped in ribbon.
  56. Hydrangeas: Blues, greens, and purples; linen table cloths; silver flower bowls.
  57. Americana: Family photos on the porch, touch football on the lawn, a bonfire.
  58. Fourth of July: Stars and stripes, bunting, sparklers.
  59. Fairy Garden: Fairy lights reflected in the birdbath, pinks and blues, butterfly wings in the flower arrangements.
  60. Lavender: Lavender bouquets, lavender ice cream, lavender sachet favors.
  61. Chintz: Rose-themed invitations, chintz overlays on striped tablecloths, overflowing rose bouquets.
  62. the calla lilies are in bloomLawn Games: Croquet, horse shoes, lemonade.
  63. Evening Romance: Raising the huppah at twilight, a cello, dinner and dancing under the stars.
  64. Calla Lilies: Dramatic large calla lilies, elegant small calla lilies, echoes of Katherine Hepburn’s “The calla lilies ahre in bloohm…”
  65. Forest: Moss, tree-branch huppah poles, pinecone place cards.
  66. Luau: Leis, hibiscus, piña coladas.
  67. Evening in the Garden: Lots of white, huppah lightly sparkling with beaded lace, heaps of candles.
  68. French Countryside: Toile, topiaries, garden benches.
  69. Beach: Sand, surf, ocean breezes.
  70. Midsummer Night’s Dream: Twinkly lights, flower garlands, moonlight.
  71. Sunset Ceremony: Tiki torches, tiki torches, tiki torches.

  72. pomegranates talkoftomatoes

    Source: talkoftomatoes

    Pomegranates: Pomegranate themed invitations, deep red table setting, pomegranate tablescapes.
  73. Apples: Huppah under the apple boughs, sparkling cider, apple centerpieces.
  74. Rustic: Wooden tables, hemp table runner, home-made wedding cake.
  75. Velvet: Velvet huppah, velvet table runners, red velvet cake.
  76. Country Store: Mason jar vases, natural fabric tablecloths, home-made pies.
  77. Autumn Harvest: Pumpkins, natural tablescape, a pretty cardigan.
  78. Wine Tasting: A knowledgeable sommelier, dark wood, savory hors d’oeuvres.
  79. Fruits of Israel: Marzipan-stuffed dates hors d’oeuvres; broiled figs; centerpieces of pomegranates, figs, grapes, dates, and sheaves of wheat and barley.

  80. hanukkiah meredithloveslife-blogspot-com

    Hanukkiah from meredithloveslife.blogspot.com

    Hearth and Home: Glowing fire in the fireplace, family and friends gathered from far and near, warm hugs.
  81. New Year’s Eve: Champagne, cocktail attire, glittery golds.
  82. Snowflakes: White and blue, crystals in the centerpieces, sugar snowflakes decorating the wedding cake.
  83. Glimpses of the Garden: Snow covered trees, red cardinals, cardinal red.
  84. Desert Landscape: Long horizons, succulent centerpieces, desert sunset.
  85. Greenery: Ruscus green garlands, white flower accents, garland decorations draped on the wedding cake tiers.
  86. Hanukkah: Evening ceremony, lighting the hanukkiah, gold-wrapped chocolate coins scattered on the tables.

  87. Fiftyflowers.com orange and fuschia flower bouquets

    Orange and fuschia bouquets

    Orange and Fuschia: Fuschia bridesmaids’ dresses, orange and fuschia bouquets, white table linens.
  88. Brown and Green: Moss, pinecones, tree branch huppah poles.
  89. French Blue and White: French blue tablecloths, white porcelain urn flower containers, touches of brown.
  90. Turquoise and Orange: Turquoise tablecloths, orange flower centerpieces, lots of energy.
  91. Lavender: Lavender bridesmaids’ dresses, lilac bouquet centerpieces, touches of light grey.
  92. White and Navy: Navy suit jackets, khaki pants, touches of yellow.
  93. White, Ivory, and Creamy Pink: White gown, pink tablecloths, ivory ribbons.
  94. Silver Grey, Gold and White: Silver table service, gold brocade table runners, crisp white linens.

  95. Black and white baroque wedding cake

    Baroque patterns; Source: A Piece of Cake Utah

    Black and White: Formalwear, baroque patterns, a touch of bling.
  96. Ivory and Gold: Duchess satin fabrics, double-sided satin ribbons, Chiavari chairs.
  97. White: Layers of white in a mix of textures, tapers, vanilla bean wedding cake.
  98. Fig, Dove Grey, White: Fig centerpieces, dove grey tablecloths, white votive candles.
  99. Silver Pewter: Silver pewter bridesmaids’ dresses, deep grey organza chair sashes, pewter goblets.
  100. Charcoal Grey: Charcoal grey suit, white rose boutonniere, silver kiddush cup.

Is your favorite backyard wedding theme here?

Thanks to Clara for the idea for this post, and to Clara and Agnes for their enthusiastic creativity in compiling the list!

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