Beam Me Onto the Dance Floor, Scotty

holographic dance floor
We’re apparently still at least a few years away from being able to rent a Star-Trek-style holodeck for a wedding, which is a shame because holodeck venues would make decorating so much easier. And no one would have to endanger an old-growth forest to create a total-immersion woodland-fantasy-themed wedding experience. But thankfully, science has progressed far enough to give us a holographic dance floor. And an interactive LED dance floor. And an oozing lava lamp tile dance floor.

Rent them through specialty companies like Kevin McCarthy’s Los Angeles-based Holowalls. Kevin shares the above pic of a techno-fab holographic dance floor from the fiftieth birthday party of boxing champion Sugar Ray Leonard (event producer: Mindy Weiss). The poster above the couches on the right is Leonard, of course.

(Previous post on the iconic Love image shown on the other poster here.)

Thanks for sharing, Kevin!

imageholodeckrlmpressRead Star Trek ‘Holodeck’ in the Living Room? on RLMPress.

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