On Trend Wedding Venues: Restaurants

East River Bar Brooklyn New York NY
At Huppahs.com, we often ship huppahs directly to wedding venues, so we get a unique perspective on changing trends in venues. Five or six years ago we saw a big emphasis on unusual venues like museums, theaters, and zoos. But over the last few years we’ve seen a new trend emerging that has definitely taken hold: weddings at restaurants. Not restaurants for just receptions, but couples tapping a restaurant for both the ceremony and the reception.

Hosting a wedding at a restaurant makes sense for lots of reasons:

  • The wedding couple only needs to decorate one space instead of two spaces, and…
  • …because the space is already decorated, couples don’t need to spend a lot of time, money, and energy decorating the space. A few added focal points, such as flowers or wedding favors at the table settings, are all that’s needed. And the restaurant might already have vases or other decorative elements that you can use.
  • Without the need for travel between different locations for the ceremony and reception, transportation is simpler and less expensive. Couples save the trouble of making a second set of travel instructions and invitation inserts, and guests have less to worry about.
  • Restaurants have more of an incentive than hotels or catering halls to give you and your guests a good experience. As Matt Yglesias wrote in a Vox piece, hotels and catering halls don’t have a huge expectation that you or any of your guests will be back any time in the near future. But restaurants want to build a base of regular, repeat customers, which gives them a greater incentive to provide great service.
  • Another point by Yglesias: There are restaurants at all price points.

Finally, if you have a restaurant that you love as a couple, then holding your wedding there already makes the event personal and special. You’re sharing something you love with people you love.

Choosing a huppah for a restaurant wedding

One of the biggest logistical challenges in using the same place for the ceremony and the reception, of course, is changing the space over quickly between the two parts of the wedding. If there are chairs to move, or a huppah to move, you’ll want to be able to do that quickly to keep up the momentum of the event. A hand-held huppah is perfect for restaurant weddings because it can be removed in no time, freeing up the space for the party.

Restaurant spaces are often smaller, with lower ceilings, than those in catering halls or synagogues. So when thinking about your huppah, be sure to check not only how much floor space you’ll have but also how tall the ceiling is. Instead of eight-foot poles for your huppah, for example, you might need to go with seven-foot poles instead.

At Huppahs.com you’ll find huppah poles in seven and eight-foot heights.

(Photo: Thanks to Alanna and Joe for sharing. Photo by Jacob Arthur.)


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