The color of your wedding chuppah canopy can affect the look of your wedding photos

Colored light falls on the columned walls of an ancient building
If your wedding chuppah canopy is translucent and lets light through, then the color of the canopy can affect the color of the light that falls onto the wedding couple, much like a stained-glass window. An all-white canopy won’t affect the color of the lighting, but a translucent canopy with a lot of blue in it, for example, can create a slight blue cast on the wedding couple as well as the officiant and anyone else standing under the canopy. A pink canopy will lend the scene a hue of pink.

Wedding chuppah canopies made from light fabrics like silk or satin typically allow light to shine through onto the wedding couple below. More light shines through outdoors in the bright sunshine than indoors.

A good wedding photographer can take into account any effects of the color of your huppah canopy, and they can correct the color of the images during processing and printing, but you can help your photographer by telling them ahead of time if your canopy has a lot of color other than white.

The effect of the canopy color on the wedding scene isn’t an issue with heavy-weight, opaque canopies that don’t let light through. For example, heavily structured huppahs of the style typically available through synagogues often have canopies made from thick velvet lined with a second layer of fabric. You won’t get light shining through these canopies. Similarly, quilted canopies with a layer of padding between two layers of fabric also typically will not let light through.

In any event, it’s not a bad idea to tell your photographer about the huppah style you’re planning, and give them a chance to ask any questions they feel are necessary, so that they have all the information they need to produce the best images of your wedding ceremony.

And if you’re looking for a white or ivory chuppah canopy, you’ll find several options to rent or buy at

[Image: Português: Reflexo da luz de fim de tarde através das janelas da Sé de Lisboa (2011) by Espanhola via Wikimedia Commons]

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