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Should You Invite Kids to Your Wedding? Read One Kid’s Advice

Guest Blogger: AG, Age 12

While contemplating a guest list, many couples are faced with the question of whether or not to invite children to their special day. If this is a problem for you, then you might consider the following: however well behaved the children are, they might get excited during the event and disrupt an intimate environment. Children also mean more people, meaning that food prices would be brought up, a particular issue on a small budget. Depending on your venue, you might need to child-proof the area, meaning extra stress and nerves.

Although these reasons hold true, children create a homey, family-like atmosphere. Finding children a babysitter is tricky, so families might be more likely to come if they can bring their children with them.

If you are going to invite children to your wedding, then you may need an activity for the kids to engage in, so as not to disturb the occasion. One idea is bubble bottles. If you are having an outside wedding, then bubbles are an ideal way to occupy children while causing no damage to the wedding. You could also have a small table where kids could draw pictures and write cards of congratulations. If you put them into a scrapbook, these pictures could be a memento for years to come.
Top photo: Margaret Bywater
Agnes’ photo: Jason Weil


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