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How long should the ribbon decorations for a wedding chuppah be?

Jewish wedding New York park ivory silk chuppah

Hoffman Huppah RibbonsRibbons are a great, colorful option for decorating a huppah, and they work especially well for hand-held huppahs. Match the color of your canopy with white, ivory, or other color ribbon; add accents in a mix of your wedding colors; or add a profusion of colored ribbons to create a bright mix.

You can use the ribbons alone by themselves or add other elements, like flowers, greenery, or as Huppahs.com client Natalie did, tassels that make a statement.

In determining how long the ribbons should be, keep in mind that you want the ribbons to accent the huppah and the faces of wedding couple, so keep them shorter than half the height of the poles.

How to decorate a wedding chuppah with ribbons and tasselsTo add a just punch of color to accent the canopy, use ribbons that are two to three feet long, so that when they are tied to the poles at their middle they hang down a foot or foot and a half.

For a flowing affect, cut them to a length of six to seven feet so that when you tie them to the poles at their middle they fall three to three and a half feet.

Huppah-decorated-with-ribbonsAnd here’s another tip: Tie the ribbons to the poles so that the two ends of the ribbon are at least an inch different in length. This will make them more likely to flow a bit with a breeze than if the ends match up exactly.

How wide should the ribbons be? A good range to work with is 7/8″ to 1 ¼”.

You can find a range of ribbons at Huppahs.com on the Buy Ribbons page.



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7 Ways to Decorate a Wedding Huppah

chuppah decorated with garland#1: Attach Garland to the Edge of the Canopy
A garland of fresh leaves or flowers around the edge of the huppah canopy brings a bright energy to the wedding space. The garland should be fairly light-weight. Use light flowering branches, wildflowers, or herbs. You can DIY the garland or more…

chuppah-with-bouquets#2: Attach Bouquets to Poles
You can evoke a world of different wedding styles depending on the types of flowers and other elements in the bouquets: romantic roses, shabby chic lavender, rustic sunflowers, wheat stalks tied with gingham ribbon, simple white hypericum berries, or bright pink and orange more…

Huppah decorated with garland swags#3: Drape Swags of Garland Between the Poles
If your huppah has valances, that is, fabric pieces hanging at the sides, draping garland from pole to pole in front of the valances creates an interesting visual interplay of color and texture.

This is another approach that works best with fairly light garland, otherwise the huppah can more…

Huppah with flower petals
#4: Scatter Flower Petals on the Ground

If your wedding ceremony is outside, scattering flower petals on the ground under the huppah evokes a sense of natural beauty that is easy and inexpensive to achieve. If you are getting married outside in the spring, you might be lucky enough to have nature spread a carpet of blossoms more…

Huppah decorated with ribbons#5: Hang Ribbons from Poles
Add color and movement to your huppah with long ribbons that catch the breeze. Ribbons make simple and inexpensive wedding decorations. They should hang one-third to one-half the length of the huppah poles. You can keep the look simple with one color, or combine ribbons in all the colors of your more…

Huppah garland wrapped around poles#6: Wrap Garland Around the Poles
This is another huppah decorating option that works especially well for outdoor weddings.

If you are using a huppah or poles from Huppahs.com, attach the garland to the screw at the top of the pole with florist wire. Anchor it to the bottom more…

Huppah undecorated #7: Don’t Add Any Decoration at All
Your last option in decorating your huppah is to not decorate it at all, but to leave it unadorned and keep the emphasis on the people standing beneath the huppah and the ceremony.


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