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How to Decorate Your Huppah #3: Drape Swags of Garland Between the Poles

Huppah decorated with garland swagsOne in a series of posts on how to decorate your huppah…

If your huppah has valances, that is, fabric pieces hanging at the sides, draping garland from pole to pole in front of the valances creates an interesting visual interplay of color and texture.

This is another approach that works best with fairly light garland, otherwise the huppah can look top heavy. Use greenery, flowers, or leafy herbs.

Use florist wire to attach the two ends of a length of garland to the tops of adjacent poles. Let the garland drape across the face of the valance.

For a more formal look, leave some garland hanging down at the poles. The ends of the garland should hang slightly lower than the lowest point of the draped section.

Huppahs.com’s poles, both the huppah poles for sale and huppah poles for rent, have circular screws at the top that are used for attaching the canopy and can also be used for attaching garland or other decorations.

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