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Game of Thrones Wedding Theme?

Game of Thrones food Aryas Tarts hors d'oeurves

If you’re thinking about a Game of Thrones theme for your wedding reception, you need to take a look at The Inn at the Crossroads (innatthecrossroads.com), the official Game of Thrones food blog by Chelsea Monroe-Cassel and Sariann Lehrer, and their book: A Feast of Ice and Fire.

You’ll find a lot of fun food inspirations as well as recipes. Your reception might not have 77 courses like Joffrey and Margaery’s wedding feast, and maybe some of the rarified dishes like roasted aurochs and stewed rabbit might not be entirely practical, but you can find inspiring recipes for more mainstream menu options like leek soup, honeyed chicken, and poached pears.

Perhaps the recipes on the blog and in the book that are most useful for wedding menus are those that can be reinterpreted as cocktail reception hors d’oeurves, like fingerfish, sweetcorn fritters, and lemon cakes. For the photo above, we made canape-size versions of Arya’s tarts (remember the ones she stole from the kitchen in Harrenhal?) by placing Chelsea and Sarian’s delectable filling of goat cheese, apple slices, nuts, and honey on small, pre-cut pieces of puff pastry.

You’ll also find a number of drink recipes that could serve as Game of Thrones-inspired signature drinks, like mulled wine and Dornish lemonsweet with honey and vanilla.

And since this is a wedding huppah blog, here is the style of huppah I would recommend for each of the regions of Westeros and Essos featured in a Feast of Ice and Fire:

Lace Wedding ChuppahThe North: Simplicity Huppah
The South: Lace Huppah
King’s Landing: Battenburg Lace Huppah
Dorne: Organza Huppah
Across the Narrow Sea: Ivory Silk Huppah

Of course, you can find them all at Huppahs.com.


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