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If you’re thinking about wedding DIY, start with the veil

how to make drop veil
Your eyes are like doves’ behind your veil. (Song of Songs 4:1)

how to sew lace to wedding veilThe veil is so important in a traditional Jewish wedding that it has its own ceremony, the bedeken, before the huppah ceremony, when the groom lowers the veil over the bride’s face. If you’re thinking of doing any wedding DIY, start with the veil. A simple, classic drop veil is easy to make by machine or by hand, and after the wedding you’ll have an especially personal keepsake.

The drop veil offers versatile style options just by altering its length. Let it fall just to your shoulders, or to your elbow, fingertips, or the floor.

wedding DIY projectsYou’ll find instructions for making a drop veil personalized to you and your style in the book Sew Jewish. And you’ll find 17 more sewing projects as well, including a kippah (yarmulke) and a wedding huppah as well as projects for Jewish holidays and your home, making it a great collection for your wedding and beyond.

Sew Jewish is available in paperback from Amazon.com and PDF format instant download on Etsy.


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