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How tall should the huppah (chuppah) poles be?

Huppah poles and huppah bearersWhat size huppah (chuppah) poles should you use?

In most cases, the best height for huppah poles is 8 feet. That gives you lots of space under the canopy, and this size works for most conventional hotels and wedding venues and for ceremonies held outside. The poles in the photo at left are 8 feet tall.

However, some small spaces require 7-foot poles, such as many inns, private homes, and cruise ship spaces. Huppahs.com has rented huppah poles for ceremonies in all of these types of venues.

Your contact at the venue or your wedding planner will be able to tell you the height of the ceiling in your ceremony space.

See 8-foot and 7-foot huppah poles for rent…

Simplicity Huppah TinyALSO SEE:

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New free app to sell your chametz before Passover

sell chametz appFrom Ohev Sholom – The National Synagogue
There IS an app for that!

In an effort to make your life easier as Pesach draws closer, Ohev Sholom – The National Synagogue has developed a free app for the iPhone AND for the Droid to help sell your chametz! (To sell any chametz remaining in your possession before Passover according to Jewish law.) Sale of your chametz will be arranged by Rabbi Shmuel Herzfeld at Ohev Sholom.

Here are links to the iPhone app (“isellchametz”) and to the Droid app (“sell chametz”):


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