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What kind of wine do you need for a Jewish wedding ceremony, and where do you get it?

During a Jewish wedding ceremony, the couple sips from a cup of wine after the introductory blessings and again during the recitation of the seven blessings. But does it matter what kind of wine? When we surveyed a group of wedding rabbis for their advice to couples getting married, the most popular response was to make sure that the wine under the huppah is kosher.

It can be red, white, or rose, but it should be kosher, unless your officiant tells you it’s not an issue for them.

How to Know Whether a Wine is Kosher

Kosher wines are produced under the supervision of a rabbi and in accordance with Jewish laws. The wine bottle’s label will indicate if the wine is kosher, and your wine purveyor can help you find kosher varietals.

If your local wine shop carries kosher wines, finding something suitable for the huppah ceremony will be easy. If not, however, or if you’d like something different than your local shop’s selection, you’ll have to do a bit more legwork. But with all the great kosher vintages available today, this is one wedding task that you can make a point of enjoying.

Find Kosher Wines Online

Today you can find great kosher vintages from around the world, not just from Israel but also places like Chile, Italy, Australia, and California. If you’re looking for some direction, Jewish Week publishes an annual list of the best kosher wines.

And if there are no kosher wines in your area, you can order kosher varietals online from a number of sellers. Here are just a few of the many online options:

Find Kosher Wines Locally

During the spring, in the weeks leading up to Passover, many wine shops and Jewish organizations will have wine tasting events. Officially, these events are for choosing wines for the Passover table, but they’re also a great opportunity to sample a range of wines for your wedding.

Kedem kosher winery new yorkDo you live in travel distance of a kosher winery? Why not make a day trip to try its offerings? And here I’m going to give a shout out to my local kosher winery, Kedem, in New York’s Mid-Hudson Valley. Their tasting room carries not only their own label, but wines from around the world.

And if you try out enough varietals before the wedding, you might even be able to use the bottles for centerpieces.

wine bottle candle holder tablescape

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I Found Your Thanksgivukkah Wedding Wine

kosher wineI’m not a wine expert, but last night our new sister site, Sew Jewish, co-hosted a wine and cheese tasting fundraiser for our local Chabad House, with a talk by painter and sculptor Tibor Spitz. For the wine tasting, the favorite by far of pretty much everyone at the event was a white wine: Herzog’s Orange Muscat. I’m not even an avid white wine drinker, but this I loved.

It’s ever so slightly sweet, and it’s orange tones would go great with a celebratory turkey dinner. Just in time for Thanksgivukkah and this year’s Thanksgiving-Hanukkah wedding weekend.

The wine is kosher, of course. The official program, written by someone who knows more about wines than I do, described it thusly:

This wine was grown in the California sun and harvested at peak ripeness. The result is a bold and aromatic orange muscat, offering a rich essence of grape, apricot, and orange peel. A smooth and full-bodied texture ushers in notes of fresh pineapple and passion fruit, softly finished by hints of toast.

For serving a crowd, it could get pricey, so to even things out couple it with Kedem Estates Classic Red, which is an easy drinking red wine that’s very easy on the wallet and makes a great house red.

Thanksgivukkah wedding menu options here.

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Scoping Out Kedem Kosher Winery in New York’s Hudson Valley

Kedem kosher winery new york
Kesem Winery OpenToday I was driving through New York’s Hudson River Valley with my daughters, and before stopping at a roadside stand for raspberries we scoped out Kedem, the kosher winery. The winery sits just off Route 9W, which winds its way through the foothills of the Appalachian Mountains and the Shawangunk Wine Trail. Just a few miles to the east lies the Hudson River.

Kesem winery champagneRegular buyers of kosher wine will recognize the Kedem label. They are one of the largest kosher labels and distributors in the country.

Kedem Winery tasting roomThe nearby Kedem distributors used to be the only place in American where I could find bokha, a kosher fig liquor popular across Tunisia. It was made in a factory outside of Tunis that employed most of the members of a synagogue I sometimes attended just south of Carthage. A shot of bokha always brought back the year I spent in Tunis and people I knew there.

Kedem winery events

Photo source: KedemWinery.com

The winery is available for private events in the wine cellar, mansion, and garden. They cater. If you’re planning an event in New York State, they can ship kosher wine to your door.

Kesem Winery wine barrel wildflowersIf you find yourself in the area, I recommend stopping by. The tasting room is open for free wine tasting Sunday through Thursday.

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