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It Must Be Love: Boho Chic and the Shot Luge Together at Last

Love ice sculpture Max Zuleta
Love has finally brought together two wedding trends that were destined to fall into each others arms: boho chic and shot luges. My ice sculptor brother put me on to the current popularity of the iconic Love sculpture as a shot luge for weddings, and this version was created by Max Zuleta, a member of the Chicago-based ice sculpture collective Art Below Zero.

The sculpture is a cool riff on on the pop art image created by Robert Indiana and adopted as a symbol of the bohemian, hippie culture in the 1960s. The shot luge, I think, is a more contemporary development. They make a great couple, no?

Here’s the version of Robert Indiana’s Love sculpture in New York:

LOVE sculpture New York

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(Photos: Ice sculpture: Max Zuleta, Art Below Zero | Love sculpture by Robert Indiana: B Hu Totya derivative work [Public domain] via Wikimedia Commons)


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