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Rediscovered Prenup Illustrates the Ancient Art of Digit Crunching (Video)

The New York Times reports that a recent project to digitize and match up more than 100,000 fragments of antique Jewish manuscripts has pieced together part of a prenuptial agreement between a woman named Faiza bat Solomon and a man identified so far only as “Son of a Buffoon.” In the document, Son of a Buffoon agrees to “abandon foolishness and idiocy,” and “not associate with corrupt men” or else pay his wife 10 gold dinars.

The Times article doesn’t provide the date for the prenup, but the document comes from the Cairo Geniza, a cache of documents that were created between the 9th and 19th centuries and discovered in Egypt in 1896.

Will the computer program help researchers reconstruct more of this prenup and provide additional insight into this relationship? For Son of a Buffoon, the digit crunching continues.

(The video above, by infolive.tv International a year ago, explains the project of digitizing and piecing together documents from the Cairo Geniza.)

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