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Purple Wedding Decor Inspirations

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With August underway and September on the horizon, I’m eyeing autumn weddings. Against the season’s deep, ripening colors, purple holds its own.

Source: WeddingWire.com
Flowers: Myrick Studios
Ice Cream: Marcia Selden Catering and Event Planning
Centerpieces: Hawaii Weddings and Events
Bouquet: Kate Miller Events
Bridesmaid Dress: The Dessy Group
Aisle Marker: Off Without A Hitch Productions LLC.
Chair and Place-Setting: Kate Miller Events


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Stylish Long Tablescapes on a Budget #7: Roll Out a Table Runner

Long tables are increasingly popular, but the cost of filling them with decorations is not. You don’t need to fill the entire space along the middle of the table to create a stylish look. All this week I’ll be posting tips to create a stylish long tablescape on a budget.
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pink wedding wildflowers long tablescapeLong table scape wedding green

Roll Out a Long Table Runner

A table runner rolled out along the length of the table unifies the scene and might provide all the table decoration you need. With a table runner, you might even get away with not using tablecloths, especially if you want to design a table with a rustic feel.

You can also combine a table runner with a tablecloth or place additional decorative elements like flowers or candles on top of it. The layers of color, pattern, and texture will create a lush tablescape with deep visual interest.

When selecting a table runner, consider how the fabric will contribute to the feeling you are trying to achieve. Think about not only the color scheme of your wedding, but also the type and texture of the fabric. Velvet is lush and deeply romantic. Cottons lend an informal feel. Linen can be refined and softly romantic, or iron it with starch to give your table a crisp, formal sensibility.

Table runners are a fun reception detail to play with and an easy way to personalize your wedding. Look out for tomorrow’s post: How to make a table runner for your wedding reception…

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