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How to Decorate Your Huppah #4: Scatter Flower Petals on the Ground

Huppah with flower petals
One in a series of posts on how to decorate your huppah…

If your wedding ceremony is outside, scattering flower petals on the ground under the huppah evokes a sense of natural beauty that is easy and inexpensive to achieve.

If you are getting married outside in the spring, you might be lucky enough to have nature spread a carpet of blossoms across your wedding space. If not, spread your own petals on the ground in the huppah space and maybe even in the aisle leading to the huppah. You can scatter the petals before the ceremony or incorporate it into the procession. Scattering flower petals is a great role to give one or two young bridesmaids or flower girls.

Natalie and Richard show how they used this technique, along with ribbons and tassels, for their real-life wedding.
Jewish wedding New York park ivory silk chuppah


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