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How tall should a wedding huppah be? It might depend on your venue.

Bed and Breakfast South Yarmouth Bass River Historic District
When couples ask how tall a wedding huppah should be, they’re usually asking about how large a typical huppah is or how tall it should be to accommodate everyone that will stand under it. Generally, you need to take into account the height of the couple and the officiant and also allow for some draping of fabric in the middle of the canopy. And add some extra space above everyone’s heads to create a feeling of openness.

But there’s one constraint that’s easy to overlook: the height of the ceiling in your wedding venue. If you’re holding your ceremony outdoors, the sky’s the limit. If you’ll be in a hotel ballroom or the sanctuary of a large synagogue, there’s also probably no practical limit on the height of your huppah.

For a smaller space, however, it’s a good idea to check on the height of the ceiling. Country inns often have low ceilings, as do cruise ships, and intimate restaurants. If you’re planning an outdoor ceremony and have an alternate indoor space in case of bad weather, give a thought to the height of the ceiling in the indoor space.

If you’ll be using a small indoor space and aren’t sure of the height of the ceiling, it’s a good idea to ask your venue or your wedding planner to check.

For these smaller spaces, Huppahs.com offers huppah poles that are 7.5 feet tall as an alternative to our standard 8-foot poles. See the huppah poles on the website.

Find out about huppah and huppah pole rentals at Huppahs.com.

[Image: South Yarmouth/Bass River Historic District by Jerry Johnson via Wikimedia Commons]


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