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New! Wedding Huppah Canopies Now Available to Rent Without Poles

Simple elegant huppah
Well, this is big news! Huppahs.com now makes two of its popular wedding huppah canopies available to rent without poles. Perfect if you already have poles and are looking for a beautiful, high-quality canopy.

The Simplicity Canopy, pictured above, is fashioned from a high-quality bridal satin. The fabric’s subtle sheen and substantial hand create a simply elegant canopy that works wonderfully in any wedding venue.

Rent Ivory Silk Huppah CanopyThe Ivory Silk Canopy, shown in detail at the right, has the refined texture characteristic of 100% dupioni silk. The light ivory color cultivates a warm sophistication.

Get more details and find out if these canopies are available for your wedding date at Huppahs.com.

(Photo: Jason Weil for Huppahs.com. Location: Woodend Nature Sanctuary, Audubon Naturalist Society; Chevy Chase, Maryland)


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The Lace We Had to Have for Our Battenburg Wedding Huppah

Battenburg Lace Huppah at Huppahs.com
Rent Battenburg Lace Huppah at Huppahs.com

When we saw this beautiful lace, we knew we it was the perfect finish for our Battenburg Lace Huppah. It’s substantial and sophisticated, with beading and just a light touch of iridescent sequins – so light that it’s hard to see in the photo. To preserve the quality of the lace, we sewed it to the canopy’s valances by hand.

Get more details here. Check rental availability for your wedding date here.

Photo Huppahs.com | Photography Jason Weil, Maryland | Location Woodend Nature Sanctuary, Audubon Naturalist Society, Maryland

Jewish wedding New York park ivory silk chuppahAnd see more huppahs:

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Wedding Huppah Rentals “as Easy as Zappos.com”

Lace wedding huppah

Lace Wedding Huppah

We love all the positive reviews we get for Huppahs.com, and one of my favorites said we “make it as easy as Zappos.com to receive and return your chuppah.” Zappos is a company that we thought of as we designed our services. We try to make it as easy to rent and return a wedding huppah as it is to buy and return shoes for Zappos.

Here’s how we do it:

  • We ship the huppah by FedEx to arrive by the Wednesday before the wedding so you can be confident you’ll have it when you need it.
  • We provide simple instructions for attaching the huppah canopy to the poles. It takes about three minutes.
  • When it’s time to return the huppah, use the box the huppah arrives in and the pre-paid FedEx return shipping label we send. You can drop it off at a FedEx location or call for FedEx to pick it up, which ever is easier for you.

For more info: Huppahs.com | Check huppah availability for your wedding date

Is there a way we could make huppah rentals even more convenient for you? Send us an email.

Real Jewish Wedding: Natalie + Richard Wed Under an Ivory Silk Huppah in a New York City Park
Real Life Jewish Wedding: Under an Organza Huppah at Brooklyn, New York’s Prospect Boat House
Free printable templates: Do a favor for your guests and a good cause: Give a charitable donation instead of wedding favors

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Now Trending for 2012 Weddings: Organza Dresses, Accessories, Decor…and Huppahs!

jewish hand-held wedding chuppah huppa organza

jewish hand-held wedding chuppah huppa organza It’s only March, but I’m calling Huppah.com’s top huppah of 2012: the Organza Huppah. Organza always places among the top wedding fabrics, but this year it’s pulling away from the rest of the pack early. Organza’s light weave lets light diffuse through, creating a soft, romantic aura. The fabric has more drape than tulle and more body than chiffon, making it a great choice for dress overlays, fabric flowers and huppah canopies. Huppahs.com’s Organza Huppah features a thin ribbon scrolling across the fabric, to add texture and play gently with the light that filters down to the ceremony below.

In celebration of organza, I’ve gathered these organza wedding dresses, accessories, and decorations from some of my favorite Etsy designers:

Organza Tea Length Wedding Dress
“Acacia”, vintage-inspired tea length bridal gown from Ellana Couture.

organza bridal headpiece wedding
“Floressa” organza flower bridal hairpin by PowderBlueBijoux.

organza wedding favor pouches
Silver organza favor pouches with navy and white scalloped circle thank you tags by WeddingsBySusan.

Pink organza flower girls dress toddler girl
Pale pink satin, organza flower girl dress with cascading vertical ruffles. For babies, toddlers, and girls, from Daisies + Damsels.

Organza chair sashes for weddings
Organza chair sashes, custom made in a rainbow of colors by GiftsForHer26.

organza bridal headband rhinestonesWhimsical organza bridal headband with rhinestone accents by TKDesignsetc.

ivory organza sash bride bridesmaid dress
“The Lucille”, Ivory organza bridal or bridesmaid satin sash or belt by Ted Zeppelynn’s Fine Wedding Accessories.

East River Bar Brooklyn New York NYRELATED: Real Life Wedding: Alanna + Joe Share their Favorite Hangouts in Williamsburg, Brooklyn


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New: Huppahs.com Now Rents Huppah Poles

chuppah pole rental
Huppahs.com now rents huppah poles! Like our huppah rentals, we now ship huppah pole rentals nationwide. If you already have a canopy, these poles will finish your huppah beautifully. Visit Huppahs.com for more info about huppah pole rentals…

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Top 6 Wedding Huppah Rental FAQs (aka chuppahs, huppas)

Simplicity Huppah TinyAnswers to the 6 questions we are most frequently asked at Huppahs.com:

1. Does Huppahs.com rent only hand-held huppahs?
Yes, all of our huppahs are hand-held. This most traditional style of huppah is easy to put up and take down, and easy to transport to where ever you need it.

2. What cities does Huppahs.com serve?
We lease huppahs everywhere in the U.S. We ship by FedEx.

3. Do I ship the huppah back in the same box it came in?
Yes. Repack the poles and canopy in the box they arrived in, and apply the pre-paid return shipping label.

4. When I return the huppah, do I deliver it to a FedEx office, or will FedEx pick it up?
You can do either – your choice. Drop it off at a FedEx location near you or call FedEx at 1.800.463.3339 to arrange a pickup.

5. When should I order my huppah?
At least 3 weeks before the wedding to take advantage of $55 shipping (which includes a pre-paid return shipping label). For the best selection, reserve your huppah 3-4 months before the ceremony.

We can get a huppah to you with less than 3 weeks notice, but the shipping cost will be higher. We’re a great last-minute huppah solution.

Check availability online or by phone at 301-300.0950.

Lace Huppah rentals6. What’s the best way to incorporate a hand-held huppah into the procession?
Most often, the huppah bearers lead the procession. The huppah bearers can also enter from the side of the ceremony space just before the procession begins. The arrival of the huppah is a breath-taking moment that focuses everyone’s attention on the ceremony…and your imminent arrival!

Visit Huppahs.com

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Outdoor wedding plans? Weatherproof your huppah.

Huppah-decorated-with-ribbonsThis morning I woke up to the sound of thunder and heavy rain on my window. By this afternoon, the weather was sunny and warm, but we’re expecting to wake up to heavy rain again tomorrow.

The changing weather reminded me of a wedding where I delivered a huppah last summer. It was a sunny day with occasional fast-moving clouds, some of which dumped rain. The venue was a beautiful inn with gorgeous lawns nestled in the mountains of Virginia. The bride wanted the outdoor wedding of her dreams, but the wedding coordinator, worried about the rain, was pressing the bride to have the ceremony indoors and let the facilities folks start setting up chairs.

The bride insisted that they wait as long as possible before deciding that the wedding had to be moved indoors. We knew that the hand-held huppah could be used as easily for an indoor ceremony as an outdoor ceremony. The coordinator knew how long it would take to set up the chairs. At zero hour, the sun was shining, and the bride chose to have the wedding outside. The coordinator signaled the facilities manager, and the chairs were arranged within minutes. The last chair was put in place just as the first guest, the bride’s grandmother, arrived. I watched from inside. The ceremony was beautiful. As the groom kissed the bride, a gust of wind lifted the huppah canopy, and a light sun shower began to fall. Perfect.

I love a job where I get to cry happy tears on a regular basis.

The bride got the outdoor wedding she wanted, but only because we knew that the hand-held huppah could be used indoors or outdoors with equal ease (and I knew that my canopy fabrics are chosen in part to hold up well in case they get caught in the rain). A stationary huppah would have to have been set up well in advance of the ceremony, and inside because of the uncertainty about the rain. A stationary huppah probably could not have been moved inside at the last minute. In the case of unexpected rain, a stationary huppah might not be able to be moved indoors at all.

If you are planning an outdoor wedding, you and your coordinator will almost certainly be making back-up plans in case of bad weather. Using a hand-held huppah is the easiest way to weatherproof your huppah.

Read more recent posts…

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Spring Brings New Huppahs to Huppahs.com!

Take a look at Huppahs.com’s new line of rental huppahs, including three new designs:

wedding chuppah
Simplicity Huppah

wedding chuppah
Organza Huppah
Ivory Silk Huppah
Lace Huppah
Battenburg Lace Huppah

Location: Woodend Nature Sanctuary, Audubon Naturalist Society (Chevy Chase, Maryland)
Photos: Jason Weil

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Stylish Long Tablescapes on a Budget #2: Opt for Color and Pattern

Long tables are increasingly popular, but the cost of filling them with decorations is not. You don’t need to fill the entire space along the middle of the table to create a stylish look. All this week I’ll be posting tips to create a stylish long tablescape on a budget.

Choose color and pattern.

When selecting table linens, stemware, and even chairs, choose color. When a table isn’t piled high with decorations, colors and patterns can fill the visual field and go a long way toward setting your desired mood.

wedding table decor colored chairs

purple wedding decor stemware rentals

Source: Totally Tabletops, Seattle (http://totallytabletops.blogspot.com/)

black organza overlay table linen

Source: celebrationspartyrentals.com, California

bird fabric table cloth

purple and orange table decorations

Source: everybridesbestfriend.blogspot.com

Next: Stylish Long Tablescapes on a Budget #3: Create a Display of Pre-Set Food

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Winter Wedding Recipe: Latkes for a Crowd (Parve)

Latkes are great dish to serve for a winter wedding, not just weddings at Hanukkah, because they are so satisfying on a cold day. You can serve them as an appetizer or with the entree as a tasty, creative alternative to rice.

One year I had the pleasure of making latkes for a large group of American military service members. It was during Hanukkah in one of the four years I lived in Kuwait. This was between the Gulf Wars. My husband was the U.S. Defense Department’s designated lay leader for the Jewish service people who cycled through the country, which means that I was responsible for making holiday meals and parties for the Jewish service people in my home. It was a great time, we met a lot of really great people, and I hope they’re all now safe at home enjoying the country they’ve served.

On this particular Hanukkah evening, I was rushing to get ready for a crowd of service people who were coming for a party. I was in the middle of preparing the latke batter when they called on their way over to say that instead of the seven people that were expected, they were 16 people. I would need more latkes.

I started throwing all kinds of things into the bowl to bulk up the latke mix: more potatoes, more onions, more eggs, a couple boxes of dried latke mix that family had sent from the States, ricotta cheese, sour cream, and I’m not sure what else, maybe even some cream cheese. Of course, they were amazing, but because I didn’t keep track of exactly what went in them, I would never know how to reproduce them.

It’s OK that I don’t remember, because I want to give you a non-dairy latke that you can serve with any wedding meal, including meals that include meat. And I want to give you a version that is easy to prepare and can be made a day or two before the wedding. The recipe below is adapted from Moosewood Restaurant Cooks for a Crowd: Recipes with a Vegetarian Emphasis for 24 or More, a book that I relied on heavily when serving large crowds in Kuwait. I raised the flavor profile a bit to create a more refined, wedding-worthy dish by adding sautéed leeks and a non-dairy sour cream with chives to serve on the side. Yum.

Recipe: Latkes for a Crowd (Parve)

Serves 24 (2 latkes per person)

Latke Ingredients

  • 4 ½ lbs. potatoes
  • 4 lbs. onions
  • 2 cups chopped leeks
  • 24 large eggs
  • 2 Tbsp. salt
  • 1 ½ cups bread crumbs or matza meal
  • 1 cup + 2 Tbsp vegetable oil

“Sour Cream” with Chives Ingredients

  • 2 pints (4 cups) non-dairy sour cream
  • ¼ cup chopped fresh chives

Latke Instructions

  1. Chop the leeks and sautée over medium heat for 3 minutes until just translucent. Remove them from the heat and put them aside.
  2. Grate the potatoes coarsely with a food processor or hand-held grater.
  3. Put the potatoes into a colander and squeeze them to eliminate excess water.
  4. Preheat the oven to 350º.
  5. Grate the onions and drain them in a colander. Squeeze out the excess water.
  6. In a large bowl, beat the eggs.
  7. Add the potatoes, onions, leeks, salt, pepper, and bread crumbs or matzo meal. Mix well.
  8. Pour ¼ cup of oil into the bottom of four half-size insert pans (12½” x 10¼” x 2″) and place them in the hot oven for 5 minutes.
  9. Pour the batter into the hot pans. Spread the oil smoothly across the top of the batter with a spatula.
  10. Bake uncovered for 30-40 minutes, or until crusty and golden.
  11. While still hot, cut each pan into 12 latke squares.

“Sour Cream” with Chives Instructions

Make the sour cream the same day you intend to serve it. In a medium bowl mix the chopped chives into the non-dairy sour cream.

To Serve

  • If your serve the latkes pre-plated, put two latkes on each plate and two tablespoons of “sour cream” next to the latkes.
  • If you are using a buffet, serve the “sour cream” in a bowl next to the latkes.

Make Ahead Options

You can make the latkes a day before the wedding. Cover them with foil and keep refrigerated. Reheat in 350º oven for 10-12 minutes.


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Something Borrowed: Gemachs Cut Wedding Costs

A gemach? What’s a gemach?

A gemach (sometimes written “g’mach”) is the Jewish community’s name for a special collection of items that can be borrowed at no cost or for a small fee for a short period of time. The term is an abbreviation of the words “gemilus chasadim”, acts of kindness.

Gemachs are usually started by one or a few people who see a need and get organized. A gemach might be in a private home, synagogue, or community center. You can find gemachs that focus on practically any type of items, like toys, wheelchairs, or clothing patterns. I just got an email announcing a GPS gemach. But the most popular kind of gemach by far is the kind that offers items for weddings.

The gemach is an idea that’s centuries old, but gemachs are being rediscovered by couples planning their weddings. Gemachs cut wedding costs – and they also serve the larger goal of cutting consumption.

Whether or not you borrow anything from a gemach for your celebration, consider donating items from your wedding to a gemach near you.

The kind of things you can often borrow from a gemach or that gemach organizers are looking for are:

  • Wedding dress
  • Veil
  • Clothes for the bridal party and mother of the bride
  • Folding tables
  • Folding chairs
  • Table linens
  • Centerpieces
  • Benchers (Prayerbooks with “Grace After Meals”)

Most gemachs won’t be found online. To find one in your area, contact a few local synagogues or a Jewish community center.

Ode to a Gemach
Something old,
Something new,
Something borrowed,
Colors subject to availability.

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Wedding Table Design Fun

rent-wedding-linensRenting is a great strategy for planning green weddings…and purple weddings, pink and gold weddings, black and white weddings, and turquoise weddings.

Last Friday I got to do one of the things I love about event planning: visiting a rental showroom and seeing lots of great new table linens and tablescapes. I love playing with table settings more than trying on wedding dresses. For one thing, there are a lot more colors to play with.

For this occasion, the showroom was Select Event Rentals in Laurel, Maryland. I was there to rent linens.

We all know that renting is a great way to conserve resources over buying new items, buying disposables, or even buying materials to make new items. In addition to renting huppahs, we can rent tuxes, jewelry, table linens, and more. I REALLY love renting wedding linens, though, because it gives me an excuse to steal into rental showrooms and get a look at inspired new table settings, run my fingers through sample tablecloths, and fall in love with the newest selection of colors (this season’s hot colors at Select Rentals: plum, bright avocado, and deep platinum). You can’t rent everything, but for a little while you can pretend.

Tonight I found myself spending way too much time playing with Select Event Rental’s online Your Design Table feature, which lets you select different combinations of linens, china, stemware, and flatware. I hope you appreciate how hard it was for me to pull myself away from it to tell you about it. Enjoy!

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