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A day-of coordinator will leave you free to enjoy your wedding day

Guest Blogger: Elaine Roberts, Events by Elaine (Nashville, Tennessee)

Amanda and Ryan wedding

Location: The Hermitage, Nashville; Photo: Matt Andrews Photography

Early in the planning process, most brides create the guest list, which dictates the size of the wedding. Many brides assume that a smaller wedding will be simpler or have fewer components. Typically, a smaller wedding just has fewer guests but all the details are the same. Even if your wedding is a simple backyard event, don’t overlook the value of professional vendors.

A professional photographer and DJ can make your event more memorable and enjoyable. The same is true of hiring a day-of coordinator. Even though you may not have a large number of guests or wedding party, you will still need to make sure that all of the details are handled. Who is making sure that everyone is in place to go down the aisle? Who is overseeing the reception décor is in place and the candles are lit? Who is going to make sure that all of your vendors are in place for the critical moments? The answer to all these questions should be your day-of coordinator.

Your wedding day only occurs once and will go by so quickly. You don’t want to have your memories of that day blurred by being stressed about details. A day of coordinator can offer you the most value for your money in the terms of being able to relax and enjoy your wedding day. While a coordinator is not your personal assistant, they can offer the benefit of being by your side to foresee and eliminate problems. Regardless of the size of your wedding, there are still favors, guest books and gifts to be handled.

Location: The Hermitage, Nashville

Photo: Matt Andrews Photography

Another less known benefit of a day of coordinator is the benefit to your other vendors. First, a coordinator gives all your vendors one point of contact for questions throughout the day. Also, having a day of coordinator allows your vendors to do their jobs without interference. Without a coordinator, the DJ or photographer have to keep the event moving smoothly and collect the appropriate people.
No matter the size of your wedding or its location, a day of coordinator can benefit you. You want your day to be special, so find someone that you get along with and hire them. You will be able to relax and enjoy this amazing event.
Events by ElaineElaine Roberts, owner of Events by Elaine (www.eventsbyelaine.com), is a hands-on coordinator for budget minded & DIY brides serving Nashville, Huntsville and the Southeast. She enjoys sharing ideas, resources, vendors and inspiration to make your wedding beautiful.

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